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The Oregon Outback – Guest Post by Ashley


We’re doing a series of guest posts by riders planning to tackle the Oregon Outback.  Look for a new post about every week or so as long as we keep getting them. 

  • Why are you doing the route?

Really, I don’t know!  I was asked if I wanted to this, by a giant  of a man, Robert “Rando” Trombley. He pulled out to prep for the Dirty Kanzaa 200, so that leaves me and Matt.  I have always loved self supported travel and this is a cool objective. I need to do this ride just for the sake of it, and the promise of internal greatness. No prizes, no results board, just finishing. That is why I want to do it.

  • What is your goal, if any? (race, casual ride, etc.; how many days or hours)

Matt’s plan is to ride casual – 3 days of riding, two nights of camping.   I really want to just experience Oregon, and push myself as hard as I can. 3 days seems legit, maybe four if weather goes to shit.  200k day is nothing to sneeze at and we know each other well enough to know when we can go on or call it.

  • What experience do you have doing ultra endurance races, multiday backcountry touring, and/or bikepacking?

Ultra endurance? Ummm nope.  I like sleeping. I don’t think the goal here is first place, just finishing. Backcountry touring. Yep, I used to ski tour, multiday self supported in the coast and interior ranges.   I will be running in 2+ Bikepacking trips this spring with meat and it should be a solid breakdown of the gear. 

  • What bike/tire combo are you planning to use?

Brodie Monster, either 40c Knards, 40c Clement MSO, or the 2.0 29r Slant Six. I am digging the MSO right now. Stock Tiagra 10sp triple groupset; and discs.   The frame is heavy, but seemingly solid.  27 lbs doesn’t make a spritely climbing bike.

  • Other relevant gear choices:

Relevate frame bag and seat bag, Salsa Anything cages on the fork. Maybe a Relevate gastank, loads of chamois cream, and decent bib shorts.  Teva touring sandals(j/k)

  • Training plan

Lot of miles.  A bit of Strava segment hunting and some liquor.   I need to get up to 300k per week and two back to back 100 mile days before I am ready to hit it.  Mountain bike on weekends and a long fast ride once a week with the club.    I am a Clydesdale Mule, so I will just keep plodding along until I get there.
I ride with Mighty in Vancouver BC and Hodala in Seattle, so if any one from PDX can complete or at least attempt the ride, so can I. 
Thanks for putting this ride on and finding the route. I am stoked to put the power down and ride.


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