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The Oregon Stampede – September 6, 2014 – 7:00 a.m.


Welcome to the first, final, and only update for this year’s running of the Oregon Stampede!!!

We’re working hard getting our spurs polished and the beer lined up for the big day.  However, before we get into the details, let me tell you what this is NOT.  This is not a bike race, bike event, or anything similar.  It is a fully self-supported ride.  We are not responsible for you whatsoever, either before, during or after your ride.  You are riding as an individual.  That means YOU are responsible for YOU.  No one else is responsible for you, especially not us.  If you get lost, hurt, can’t finish, or your bike breaks down, you must take care it yourself.  Under no circumstances are we responsible for helping you out, rescuing you, etc.  You should have an emergency contact who know where you are going in case you do not return.
Note: Because this is not a race, event, etc., there is no registration.  Just show up if you want to ride.


When:  Saturday, September 6, 2014 – 7:00 a.m.
Where:  Deschutes River State Rec Area
Biking:  127 miles, 60% dirt, 9,000 ft of climbing
GPS & additional route beta from Oregon Bikepacking
Drinking:  As always – we’ll have a keg of beer
Camping:  Camping is available the night before and night of – September 5 & 6 – see below


UPDATE:  The market in Grass Valley is closed down.  So is the gas station.  The only Grass Valley option is a small cafe, but it closes at ~3pm in Saturday.  Obviously this will cause problems for most people.  You therefore have TWO OPTIONS:  1)  bring everything you need for the rest of the route from Tygh Valley; or 2) re-route into Moro.  Moro has a small convenience store – Huskey’s Market & Deli.  They are a CASH ONLY business and are only open until 6pm on Saturday.

We will be using the official Oregon Bikepacking version of the route.  You are welcome to leave the route to utilize services in Grass Valley and Moro, to the extent necessary.

We MAY run the route backwards this year mostly because of the lack of services towards the end of the route.  This would make the services a little more logically spaced.   If you feel strongly about this, one way or the other, let us know.  We’re still kicking the tires on this idea.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not bring copies of the cue sheet or maps for you.


We’ve reserved three group campsites at the Deschutes River State Rec Area for September 5th and 6th.   We have room for 75 people each night.  If you want to camp with us, you must email me your name/s and which night/s – we’ll give preference to folks camping both nights.   I’m fine with non-riding friends and family camping with us as long as it’s not a big group.  Camping with us is $5/night per person.  Email us at

The 75 person maximum for our group campsite is not negotiable.  And as a note – the entire campground is booked solid that weekend.


*  Group spots A, C & D down near the end of the park road.

*  There are very nice, free showers along with sinks, drinking water, etc.  The showers and flush toilets are over in the RV section.

*  Parking is IN the group spots, along with all our tents, etc.  We are going to have a full house, so please pack in accordingly and carpool to the extent you can.  They are picky about where/how you park and where you set up tents, so you may be asked to move.

*  There are no fires allowed right now – we’re deep in the heart of fire season.  They do allow charcoal for grilling.

*  They usually sell ice and firewood at the campground.  I assume they still do, but if not, Biggs is 5 miles down the road.

*  The area under the willow trees is reserved.  That area is mine…


The sun sets at ~7:35 p.m. on September 6, 2014.  If you plan on taking more than 12+ hours to complete your ride, bring appropriate lights.   The final descent down Gordon Ridge and Fulton Canyon is not fun in the dark.


II want to remind everyone that this is a completely self-supported ride.  So the following apply:

*  You are totally responsible for yourself.  Under no circumstances are we responsible for anything you do or anything that happens to you before/during/after the race.

*  This is not a bike race or bike event.  This is just a bike ride. There will be no one associated with VeloDirt to assist you at anytime, whatever your circumstance.  There is no sag wagon; there is no mechanical assistance; there is no medical assistance.  In some cases, there is not even cell phone coverage in the event of an emergency.  Just as if you rode this route all on your own (which you are doing…) – you have to be able to get yourself out of any jams you get yourself into.

*  There are commercial services available at mile 40, 65 and ~105 (this one is off route).  Bring money – that shit’s not free.

*  Bring spares, patch kits, pumps, etc.   Know how to use them…


The course is primarily made up of good quality gravel roads and pavement.  However, one 4-mile section of the course consists of an unmaintained dirt road.  This road contains steep grades; sections of loose shale; sections of loose baby-head to goat-head sized rocks; small rock drop-off and ledges; loose sand; and at least one water-crossing.  This section will require significant bike-handling skills to navigate safely.  In addition, this section of the course is very remote and sees very little traffic.  If you get injured or suffer a mechanical, you will have to walk to the nearest road before you can receive assistance.  Cell phone coverage is poor/non-existent in this area.  You’ve been warned.


If you are camping, you’ll be parking in the group campsite.   If you are just staying for the day, note that the Rec Area charges $5/day for parking unless you are camping.   Bring cash.


And last, but not least – BEER.   We will of course have our customary keg-o-beer at the finish line and tap into it the night before as well.



  • donnie on Sep 02, 2014 Reply

    Here’s a link to a reversed GPS file.

    You’re on your own as far as cue sheets go…


    • Dan Clements on Sep 02, 2014 Reply

      Thank you, very much

  • Adam Hale on Sep 02, 2014 Reply

    Hello Campers!!

    I am trying to make it down from Olympia, Wa for the Stampede. Does anyone have room for me and my bike coming from points north?? Or, if I take the Amtrak to Portland, any chance I can get a lift to the start and back?
    Ideally, I’d like to camp out Friday and Saturday. The train should get me to town by noon on Friday.


    • DanS on Sep 04, 2014 Reply

      Sure, I have room. Leaving Friday after work from Portland.

      • DanS on Sep 04, 2014 Reply

        …and I have room for two additional riders also.

  • donnie on Aug 31, 2014 Reply

    Ok, the decision has been made. We’re going to run the route backwards/clockwise this year. Yes, there are some upsides to this, and some downsides. But mostly it’s time to mix things up a little and try something new. If it goes well, maybe we’ll alternate directions every year.



    • Dan Clements on Aug 31, 2014 Reply

      I am more than a bit challenged with electronics, can someone post a TCX file for the clockwise direction or or how to reverse it on a Garmin edge 500.
      And how about a cue sheet? How do we do that?


      Thank you

  • Bennett Shane on Aug 20, 2014 Reply

    I think you should keep the clockwise orientation of the route, reasons being that a) people need to just “sack up”, literally, and get some frame bags/camelbacks to carry their food, water for the day past mile 50 or so, at Tygh Valley, and b) I feel that the most technically challenging part of the ride, White River, is probably a lot more fun as a long descent with a short uphill kick in the middle, than it is as a long climb with a very short downhill section. Just my .02 as someone who has finished the Stampede twice, somewhat of a veteran of this ride, I guess one could say;)

    • Bennett Shane on Aug 20, 2014 Reply

      woops….meant counterclockwise! The same as it has been. Derp:)

  • Jim F on Aug 18, 2014 Reply

    The wheat harvest in The Dalles was delayed this year by rain. I’ve recently been accosted by not very friendly ranchers in that area informing me that bikes have no business being on dirt roads during harvest. I’ve seen semi’s hauling ass down parts of the course in recent weeks too. Based on what one rancher told me, the harvest may last into Stampede weekend. So, be careful out there and yield to those driving giant vehicles.

  • R. King on Aug 12, 2014 Reply

    Anybody driving out from Boise or points east? India and I carless in Boise and are hoping to find transportation to the start. Is this really the fifth Stampede? How time flies… YeeHaw!

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