Dalles Mountain 60 – March 14, 2015

This is the route that started it all and that’s part of the reason we continue to do it.  The other reason it that it’s a great early season ride and a good introduction to those interested in trying their hand at grinding some gravel.  It will be run exactly the same as prior years – same route, same start, etc.  The only big difference is that access to the Maryhill Loops is now clearly marked as “no trespassing”.  Access it at your own risk – as with everything we do, we take no responsibility whatsoever for anything you do – ever.

For those that haven’t ridden it, it’s very low key, we don’t keep track of times or anything.  Just show up and ride.

The Oregon Outback – May 22, 2015

Yup, we’re doing it again!   Read more details here.

The Oregon Stampede – September 12, 2015

Because of the Oregon Outback, we’re moving the Stampede back to its original date, the first Saturday after Labor Day – just before the start of cross season.   We’ll get more details up on the site in summer 2015.  We usually camp at the Deschutes State Park the night before and night of.

You can learn more about the route here.


About Our “Rides”

As a reminder, these aren’t bike races.  They aren’t real bike events.  They are completely unsupported and unsanctioned bike rides – we come up with a route, you come ride it if you want – but we take no responsibility for anything you do before, during, or after your ride.   There are no entrance fees, no prizes and while we might sometimes tell you how fast some of the riders went, we don’t keep track of folks times and don’t really care whether you choose to ride it as fast as you can or enjoy a leisurely day out with your friends.